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URGENCI: an Urban - Rural network, Generating new forms of Exchange between Citizens is the international network of Community-Supported Agriculture initiatives fostering peer-based solidarity among CSA actors to actively contribute to the food sovereignty movement worldwide!


Teikei 42 - November 2014


Building Food Communities at the Organic World Congress

By Elizabeth Henderson, Honorary President of Urgenci

Teikei 41 - August 2014


The Logistics of Short Supply Chains -Project entering a new phase

By Jocelyn Parot, General Secretary of Urgenci

Teikei 40 - June 2014


The Community Supported Agriculture Movement 3.0

By Jocelyn Parot, General Secretary of Urgenci

After an initial phase of dissemination led by pioneers from a single country (1.0); after several years of intensive multilateral exchanges sustained by lifelong learning projects (2.0), it has become clear that the Community Supported Agriculture movement is entering a new phase.

Teikei 39 - September 2013

The European handbook on Community supported Agriculture is available for free download

Urgenci has been playing a leading role in several European projects focusing on experience sharing. CSA4Europe, in particular, has been widely recognised as a valid model for Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) exchanges between different countries.

Teikei 38 - March 2013

“We want our community to experience a direct connection with our farm. My belief, which has guided me as a farmer, is that food is much more than just a commodity. It is connected to personal well being, to relationships to family and friends, to the vitality and persistence of community and culture, and to the care and respect for the land. Live Earth Farm is a place where everyone has the opportunity to reestablish their knowledge of how food is grown.”

World Social Forum 2013

The tenth edition of the World Social Forum (WSF) will take place on March 26th-30th, in Tunis.

To this date , more than 4500 organizations registered to participate in the activities of the WSF, in addition to 30.000 participants from 127 countries from all over the world. The main WSF activities will be organized between the 27 and 29 of March in the facilities of the University "El Manar Tunis", with 1000 workshops, 70 musical shows, 100 films projection in addition to 50 exhibitions and more activities in the programme...

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